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Zamudio Studio restoration in Santa Fe Services

The following is a list of professional services provided by Zamudio Studio to private collectors, dealers, institutions and galleries:

1. Restoration of Ancient Ceramic Art and Stone Antiquities | Zamudio Studio is proud to offer the service of the restoration of ancient works of art in ceramic (terra-cotta) and stone. I have extensive experience in the restoration of Native American pottery, pre-Columbian, African and Asian ceramic antiquities. The service of restoration can vary from simple cleaning and gluing to major reconstruction of missing areas and the concealment of cracks & fissures.

2. Restoration of Antique Furniture | We now offer the service of restoring antique furniture, whether replacing a broken part or restoring and matching antique finishes.

3. Thermoluminescence Testing | This is the utimate scientific analysis to help us discern an original ancient ceramic from a modern reproduction. Zamudio Studio uses the services of Kotalla Laboratories in Haigerloch, Germany, providing the most comprehensible Thermoluminescence Result Certificates in the business.

4. Digital Photography | Whether you are an artist, gallery, dealer or private collector, we offer professional HD digital photography to fit your needs.

5. Art Installation | Zamudio Studio can assist you in the installation of art at home, gallery or art fairs. I have over fifteen years of experience installing art for exhibition in galleries and private collector’s homes.

6. Cataloguing Art Collections | When the need to document an art collection arises, whether for insurance purposes or for the preparation to sell the collection, Zamudio Studio offers all the necesary services.

7. Appraisal and Acquisition Consulting | I provide this service to private collectors interested in starting or augmenting a pre-Columbian art collection. Please view the WORKS FOR SALE Page.

8. Gallery Services | With over fifteen years of experience working as a Gallery Director for world-class galleries, and the participation in over twenty national and international Art Fairs, I can assist your business in any aspect of participating in art fairs and displaying, managing and selling art in the gallery.

9. Graphic Design | I can assist both the private collector and art galleries with all advertising and computer graphic needs. Am fluent with both Mac and PC platforms.